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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
I'm heading off for the Society of Leopold. Got me a ton of ammo, a katana, a flamethrower, some Diet Pepsi and some snacks, life is good. I'll take care to search the area for the special katana, stoffe, since that looks like a great weapon, and my melee skill seems to be far better than my ranged skill
The Tal'Mahe'Ra blade is found in the Hallowbrook Hotel though, and not at the Society of Leopold, so you should look for it there instead. I think that's your next stop after you have rescued Dr. Johansen.

As for Soc. Leopold, if you got a sniper rifle you can pick of the majority of the guards from the top of the cliff if you can manage to sneak around to there unseen. I think there's a back entrance down the mountainside across from the main entrance as well. I usually settle the score with the Hunters rather than just sneak in though.

If you have decent computer skill you can reprogram the laser trip wire boobytraps inside to make them blow up when the hunters patrol across them instead, though it might be hard to do so while remaining undetected if you don't have Obfuscate.

Be sure to pick up Grunfeld Bach's diary on the ground floor of the monastery before you proceed down into the basement; it casts some light on his past history and obsession with Lacroix.
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