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Faith looked at Alex and then glanced back at Tirin after hearing his answer.

- "We are heading to the recon tower just north of here. There we can find the only comm available, we must call in the air strike on the Brieder camp that's east of the hills" - Faith said and then noticed the pilot that got into the trench.

- "Give this soldier a proper weapon if you please, there are too many brieders to engage and no man should be in disadvantage" - Faith said and a soldier next to her handed Kyle a P90 with scope that had thermal vision mode.

- "Mendez, Gregor, Makamura! Make to the door heading to the maintenance room and cover us when you get there!" - Faith said and the men acknowledged the order and ran to the door just a 6 yards away northwest of their position and as they did so, the other soldiers in the trench provided cover.

- "Alright when our men start firing make to their position as fast as you can" - Faith said to the other soldiers, just a second later the men started firing. Faith ran to the building and took cover behind a wall, her soldiers followed her closely. She then started to provide cover for Alex and his men.

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