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Well, I tried to catch the werewolf in the door and failed. When all else fails, there's God mode....
I've sided with
Strauss because I'm a little ticked off that LaCroix called a blood hunt on me....of course now this means I have to fight the Sheriff on top of Ming.
I'm working my way through the Chinatown temple right now.

Oh, the lever thing--on the right side is that little rod for you to push to move the bar off the door. Face the rod instead of the door (your left shoulder will be against the door). Push E, and then push W at the same time. It could be that you only have to push E and then W instead of both, but this is what worked for me. You should be walking forward now, pushing the bar. Once it's out of the way enough, the door will be unlocked. I might actually make it through the rest of the game today.
And here's a thread on gamebanshee about the problem.

Here's a good walkthrough by vampyri_lestat, and gamebanshee has a decent one, too. lestat's guide has some powerbuilding tips. I didn't know you could sell a book and then buy it twice to boost your stats instead of using it just once. I'll have to remember that for next game.

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