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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
I found the 3Dgamer site a little frustrating to use for d/ling the 3.5 patch (Hey, we can let you d/l the patch for free! Oh, wait--1 server's too busy and the other lost the file! But, we'll let you d/l it for 10 bucks for a year membership!!--No, thanks).
worthdownloading VtM page has the 3.5 patch, along with 1.2 official patch and unofficial patches 2.8 thru 3.4 in case you don't want everything in 3.5. The 3.5 patch is 185.4 MB.
I dl that patch from filefront and it was a somehow faster than worthdownloading. Thanks to stoffe we have a changelog so we can choise what patch we want.
Win XP can open zip files and you will see a directory called "vampire". Take that and drop into program files\activision\Vampire-Bloodlines\ directory (folder). To check if the patch is installed right start a new game (any vamp clan) and first thing when you have control call for console, use "giftxp 500", spend all points then talk to jack. That should trigger a new lines in dialog. And a disable console side effect. (do this at your own risk!)
Also, is anyone who's finish the game using patch v3.5? I don't like the idea to get stuck somewhere in game (I already got 2 times "AI-disable" error message). Also I really like to use that patch.
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