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- "Make for the recon tower men, we are sure to encounter heavy opposition so stick together" - Faith said as she advanced with her squad forwards. The tunnels suddenly ended in a large room, what looked like a generator room with several power units laying around. Growls were heard nearby and they all got into cover. A bunch of Brieder Scouts and soldiers passed just infront of them. They were heading for the east maintenance passage to flank the other Spartan forces.

- "They are going into a narrow passage, it's a bottleneck, we can take them down with a bunch of grenades and only the ones in the front row will fire back" - the comms officer suggested.

- "Well here goes nothing then" - Faith said as she and two other soldiers threw frag grenades, unpon the explotion the Brieders turned around and begun firing. Faith and her soldiers began to fire as well taking down one at a time with single shots while the Brieders sprayed their guns.

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