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Alright Miracle, you've got her.

Looks like we've got a good cast going on. We could do with a few more, but we can go ahead with what we have. Call is still open, but I'll be posting the RP thread when I get home tonight.

Here are my character sheets:

Name: Amol Kotay. More commonly known as Revan.
Species: Human.
Age: Mid 30s.
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Hair colour: Dirty blonde
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Clothing: Black Jedi robes.
Equipment: One green single bladed lightsaber. Small hold-out blaster with single on-board power pack. Small hand-held sensor/communications unit.
Biography: After defating Malak in the Jedi Civil War, Revan vanished into the unknown regions of space. For five years, nothing was heard of him, and both the Republic and the Jedi Order have begun to crumble without his leadership. He has now returned to known space, and is currently on course for the small moon-city of Nar Shaddaa.


Name: Known only as 'the Doctor'.
Species: Unknown. Appears to be human, but presents evidence to the contrary (two hearts, for example).
Age: Unknown. Appears to be in his early to mid 40s - though his eyes look much, much older.
  • Height: Approximately 5'11"
  • Hair colour: Dark brown. Receding.
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Clothing: Changes partway through the story. Begins with a black suit with brown and white frills.
Equipment: One 'sonic screwdriver'. One blue box christened 'the TARDIS'.
Biography: Nothing is known of this mysterious man, other than the fact that though he appears human, he is definitely something more. He speaks with an odd accent, similar to that of the humans inhabiting northern Talravin, though distinctly different.

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