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Name: Unknown

Alias: Raquel Annerire

Species: Unknown. Human appearance

Age: Unknown. appears mid-twenties


* Height:
Approximately 5' 4"
* Hair colour: Deep red, just past shoulder-length, tied back in a ponytail
* Eye colour: light blue
* Clothing: long black gloves, black v-neck shirt, women's leather knee-length jacket, black pants, half-inch heel black shoes

Equipment: one blaster pistol, kept hidden beneath her jacket, a long knife also hidden beneath the jacket

Biography: Three years ago, a little ship crashed on an Outer Rim planet. For two hours, it burned with no signs of life. Then, a woman, also badly burned staggered out and collapsed. She was carried away from the wreckage of her ship, just as it exploded and taken to a hospital. When asked who she was, the woman could only answer with one word: "Botschafter," she whispered. Then, she lost consciousness.

Late that night, the nurses were startled to see strange flashes of light flickering in 'the Botschafter's' room and went to investigate. Much to their surprise, the Botschafter was nowhere to be seen. Instead, a woman identifying herself as Raquel Annerire stepped out of the shadows, dressed in nurse's attire. Thinking she was new to the staff, the other nurses asked where the Botschafter had gone.

"Out the window, I'm afraid, " Raquel answered, gesturing to the open window. "I tried to stop her, I really did." As the other nurses rushed to the window, Raquel slipped past them, out of the room. For several months, the hospital staff talked about the mysterious patient and the 'angel of death', Raquel Annerire, for they were sure Raquel had something to do with the Botschafter's disappearance. But as the hospital grew increasingly busier, the mysterious events were forgotten.

Now, three years later, Raquel Annerire has become something of a mercenary. She has come to Nar Shaddaa, looking for a job. But what she's about to find is much more than she bargained for. She's about to have a head on collision with a thing that always seems to catch up with you when you least want it to... the past.

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