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Name: Davendithas Loyalar or Daven for Short
Species: Human
Age: 34
Height: 6'4"
Hair colour: Long Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Clothing: Utilitarian
Equipment: Short sword, blaster rifle and blaster pistol.
Biography: Davendithas grew up as a spoiled noble. He acted exactly as the nobles did, stuck up, snotty and ignorant, until one day when he was kidnapped for ransom. He had spent so much time with the kidnappers, he grew to like them and their way of life, so by the time he was free to go, he took the ransom money and fled with the kidnappers. He lived that way for a while until he was told to kill an unarmed man to become a real man, he turned once again from his current lifestyle ran. He wandered around until today.

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