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The Jedi Exile moved stealthily into the cockpit of the Ebon Hawk, coming up behind the pilot seat. Looking out the viewscreen in front of her, she watched the Smuggler's Moon grow larger as Atton guided the ship closer and closer to its surface.

"Found a dock yet?" she asked. As Atton turned his head to look at her, she gave him a small smile, her arms wrapping around the headrest of the seat as he sat forward to the controls. Se leaned against the seat, her chin resting atop the headrest as she watched him.

"Yeah, we've located an open one. Just looking for clearance." he peeked at her over his shoulder, "What's up with you? You're not normally so...subdued."

She shrugged. "Just finished meditating."

"Ah, I get it now. Man, I swear, you Jedi could sleep through the bombing of your ship when you're meditating."

((Sorry for the cruddy post, right after Doctor's great introduction ))

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