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The suited man stirred, coming around again quickly. His head still ached, but the pain had receded slightly. He tried to open his eyes, but even the dim light of the street seared his retinas, so he kept them closed. He gasped for air as another stab of pain erupted in his chest, constricting his airway.

He heard footsteps nearby, approaching slowly. He forced his eyes open, pushing against the pain that shot through his forhead as the light from the nearby streetlamp gouged at his eye sockets.

He barely had time to register the sheen of the approaching black shoes, recognising them as those worn by females, before the pain became too much for him, and he had to close his eyes again. He gasped for air, trying to speak.

"Please... I need..." he gasped in pain again. "I need..."

He suddenly forced his eyes open, and rolled onto his back, the rip at the arm of his suit expanding up to his shoulder. He stripped off the overcoat, revealing a bloodstained grey vest over a white shirt, with a brown necktie tied loosely around his neck. He stripped off the vest and tie as well, leaving only the shirt, with odd frills at the cuffs. He gasped as a fresh wave of pain broke over him, and the already tight shirt strained at the seams as he arched his back, trying to twist away from the pain.

As the pain subsided, he managed to open his eyes again, and look up at the woman approaching, who was now within six feet.

"Please..." he muttered again. "I need... help..."
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