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The man ran through a labyrinth of twists and turns, going up staircases and down hallways seemingly at random. He threw open a final door, and dashed into a room full of clothes of all types - both human and alien. He ran by the nearest rack of clothes, pulling out clothes here and there, only to throw them aside after a few seconds.

His eyes caught a pair of slightly faded black jeans, and he snatched them from their rack. He smiled, tearing off the black slacks he had been wearing. Now in his knickers, he threw the jeans over his shoulder and ran up a short spiral staircase to a rack of shirts. He pulled out a frilly green shirt, similar to the one that the woman from outside had cut him out of. Pausing for a moment to wonder idly who she was, he tossed the green shirt back onto the rack, and snatched up a violently orange sweater-vest with a horrible brown collared shirt. He considered them with the pants for a moment, then cast them aside as well. He stared hopelessly around the room full of clothes. His eyes fell upon a dash of red, which he reached out and pulled roughly from the hanger. It was a long sleeved, yet lightweight jumper. He smiled, pressing it against the jeans to see the effect. He beamed, and thrust his naked legs into the legs of the pants. They fit well, though they were still a little loose around the waist. He threw the shirt over his head, and pulled it down over his bare chest. He looked down, smiling. He bounded down the spiral staircase, and made for the door. On his way out, something caught his eye.

He turned around, and saw that it was a dark brown, extremely worn leather jacket. He considered it for a moment, wondering why exactly it had caught his eye. It was a simple jacket - a little longer than waist length. The collar was faded with wear. It had three widely spaced button holes, but only one button - the other two having vanished somewhere in the cavernous box. He approached it slowly, making up his mind. He grabbed it, and dashed from the room, his free hand preventing his pants from falling past his hips as he went.


He burst into the console room, still holding up his pants, and threw the jacket over the sledge hammer. He moved past the stranger who had shown him back to his box as if she wasn't there, and snatched up the belt he had cast aside. He threaded it through the loops of his jeans, then turned to her. "Well?" he asked, stretching his arms out. "What do you think?" He beamed at her for a moment. After a few seconds, however, his face fell to a look of terror. "No! Wait!"

He dashed past her again, and picked up the jacket he had found. He threw his arms into it, fighting with the leather around his neck, trying to put the collar back into shape. He shook his arms, then hopped on the spot a bit, to get the jacket into a natural position. He held his arms out again, smiling. "There. How do I look?" He didn't wait for an answer, but arched his eyebrow instead. "Hold on... You can't tell me you haven't noticed?"

"Noticed what?" she asked coldly.

He stared at her for a moment. "The box! It's bigger on the inside than - Oh, forget about it, you'll just ask how."

He moved past her, bursting back into the street. She rolled her eyes, then made to follow. She was a few feet from the door when he burst back in. "I'm the Doctor, by the way," he said. "What's your name?"

Again, he didn't wait for an answer, instead choosing to retreat back to the street. She jogged to the door and stepped out after him, closing it behind her as she stepped into the half-light of Nar Shaddaa.
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