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Name: Unit-7276 "Phoenix"
Species: Appears Human, although it is debatable with the Nanoid enhancements he bares.
Age: 24

* Height: 6'6"
* Hair color: Black
* Eye color: Grey
* Armor/Clothing: His clothing is simple: A black pair of long pants and a a white, short-sleeved top. His armor resembles Sith Trooper armor, although with obvious differences such as lighter plating and a 'longer', with a oval shape, helmet. He has also made the armor less conductive.
* Body Build: Medium and Muscular

Equipment: A Heavy Repeating Disintegration Rifle, a Plasma Shotgun, Thermal Detonators, a Stealth Generator, a Combat Knife, a standard issue Blaster Pistol, and a Personal Data Pad.

Biography: Bred in a lab, Phoenix was not your everyday clone. In fact, he wasn't even a clone: he was part of an experiment to see whether or not it would be possible to create life from scratch, rather then use someone else's DNA, and implement the use of Nanoids in every cell. He was the success, and although it was a breakthrough, it was not the reason he was created. He was created to be grown into a tool of killing for Czerka, not that it would ever happen of course.

A rival corporation sent a load of bounty hunters to destroy the lab and steal their work, and they were in the most part. Except for the work part. Though it is unclear as to what actually happened, a scientist escaped with Phoenix and ended up dead later on Nar Shadda, leaving Phoenix to be shoved into an orphanage until he was 18. From then on he took on being an assassin, which is the only thing he knows how to do for the most part when it comes to making a living. He does have knowledge in anything that helps him get a target though, if that could count for anything.

His body is made of cells with Nanoids in them, which control his body for the most part. They generate an Ocular HUD in his vision, multiply with his cells, have limited healing abilities, can push the body farther than the brain would, and even has a very limited camouflage ability. The only visible problems with this is that he thinks like a computer, making him a bit cold to some and strange to others, and electrical shocks disrupt his Nanoids, along with his thinking, with a very crucifying effect. A stun baton to the bare skin could leave him in a coma for two days.

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