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"For the love of..." Alex grumbled and raised a hand to the short-range radio he had that connected him with the squad members.
"Report in" he said while still looking at the hole.
"Fireteam 1 reporting in"
"Fireteam 2 reporting in"
"Fireteam 4 reporting in"
"Fireteam 5 feporting in"
"Where's Fireteam 3?"
"Fireteam 3 reporting in. We're pinned down and taking heavy fire. We are due northwest from the Generator room"
"Fireteams 2 and 4, aid 3 and find your way to the radar station. From now on radio silence. Good luck out there" Alex said before looking at the squad members still with him. With another grumble he attatched a silencer to his MP5 and crawled into the hole.

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