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Lol, Doc, I'm not Scud, Archon is XD.

Name: Drake Incik
Species: Human
Age: 28

* Height: 6'5"
* Hair colour: Brown
* Eye colour: Blue
* Clothing: Simple white tunic, Dewback leather jacket, black pants, and military boots.

Equipment: Single bladed collapsible vibro-sword, BlasTech blaster with power packs. Flash/bang, comm
Biography: Born on the planet of Nar Shadda, Drake was around the scum of the earth. He was a bastard child, his mother being a local prostitute, and his father, well, the local drunk. His mother tried to take care of him, making money to support him and herself the way she knew how.

Eventually, he grew up, and found work at a freight company, shipping hyperdrives to the inner rim planets. He was found in a bar one day after work, when he was assaulted by two drunk idiots. He killed them both, but not before losing his right arm. His arm was replaced with a synthetic arm, which had the strength of ten men.

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