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I guess I have a problem with my clock in this forum because I'm sure I replied to Frenkieee and SeaTurtle before your first post, VampireNaomi.

VampireNaomi:"it feels like it's Christmas or something ..."

No. It's not Christmas. I'm wating for job to do so I need to grab a pencil from time to time. I'm just a little nervous.

VampireNaomi:"I think you can find some if not all cut scenes at YouTube."

I found that cutscenes are stiil up on Ninth-World at he WaybackMachine (Archive.Org)
It's kind of strange since much of the rest of the site - like the screenshots - are lost.

VampireNaomi:"Lola looked a little weird at first, ..."

They all looked weird at first. They are just a bunch of lines on skulls. No eyes, no nose, no lips, but at the same time they draw themselves.
I guess they did like this at first and then pulled out the skin and made the skulls.

VampireNaomi:"... but now that I've stared at her for a while, I'm growing to like her."

Oh, that's Lily Marlene's Charming.
(Anyway I prefer Madelaine Kahn doing Lily Marlene)
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