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The recon Tower was just ahead of them, through a courtyard that seemed to be an abandoned depot. No brieder's were around and it seemed too quiet, not a good sign ever. Faith had been behind Liz and as soon as she got out she climbed out of the hole herself. She looked around and looked at Tirin and Liz.

- "You hear that?" - Faith asked them in a whisper and then narrowed her eyes - "These bastards are waiting for us".

She then looked at two other soldiers coming out of the whole.

- "Makamura, Scott and Hayes, take that left side just behind those containers, keep your eyes open. Gregorovich take the right and assume sniper position just over the sidewalk on the right ladder" - Faith said - "The rest stick together".

(Be sure to insert any fight you wish to make things excitiong as we reach the tower, you got creativity let's see it )

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