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A small one man ship dropped out of hyperspace, it’s hull gleaming in the harsh yellow light of the Y'Toub sun. The pilot punched at his controls, trying to bring his thrusters back online. He opened a channel to the docking authorities.

“This is Amol Kotay, of the Starlight. I’ve sustained heavy damage, and request immediate assistance.”

There was no answer. He checked his instruments - his comm system was down. Cursing in a very un-Jedi like manner, Revan looked for the first time at the planet he was heading on a collision course with - Nar Shaddaa.

“If anyone can hear me, this is Amol Kotay of the Starlight. My engines are down, and life support is failing. I don’t know how long I can-”

The ship crashed into a landing pad, part of the engine assembly exploding in a shower of debris. Amol smacked his head on the console in front of him, and the world went black.
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