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"Sorry pal, but you're out of luck. You see, despite your reputation, I don't let money I can keep go easily." The fat man sitting across from Phoenix smirked, his two bodyguards gripping their weapons tighter. Then he continued with "And I don't fancy leaving anyone, except myself of course, alive that could be questioned about this assassination, so that leaves you out of luck."

Then less than a millisecond after that, Phoenix put a blaster pistol to the man's head and pulled the trigger. The fat man's bodyguards gaped for a moment at the speed in which their boss had been killed, before one of them suffered the same fate. The last one snapped out of it just in time to feel the last bolt hitting his forehead.

Threat Neutralized. Initiating Routine Search Protocol... Phoenix 'thought' to himself as he searched the bodies for anything of value, coming up with a 100 credits. Some people thought that assassins couldn't defend themselves when faced with open conflict. They were wrong.

Phoenix was in his normal cloths at the moment, armed with only his pistol and his combat knife, when he heard something big crash into the distance. Curious, he went to check it out.
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