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Kira frowned faintly. Now that she was paying attention...she did feel something strange. And it was constantly changing - changing unlike anything she had ever felt before. So...what was it...?

Something new sparked her interest, and as she turned her concentration to it...her heart nearly stopped. She recognized that presence. But she hadn't sensed it since...

"Atton, turn the Hawk around."

"What? Kira, we're almost--"

"For four seconds, turn the ship!" she said, grabbing his arms and forcing the ship to move a bit to the starboard. From there, she could see a small one-man ship carreening towards them through space. Her eyes were wide as she watched it.

It's him...I know it is!

"Land, quickly." she said, "As close to that ship as you possibly can."

"Good thing he just crashed into our dock." Atton grumbled, shifting the Ebon Hawk and intching it forward. After locking coordinates, he gunned it.

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