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(Fine, seeing as no one is starting a fight like Miracle wanted, I will.)

S202A, who was just reffered to as Gun Sergeant, because of his rank, and the the fact that calling him by his number was long and pointless to most common soldiers, was the last one out of the shaft, pulling himself up, he noticed the large vehicles that had suddenly entered the area, but ignored them, seeing as they were friendly, for the most part.

He had heard the last orders of the lieutenant to stick together as they approached the tower. He trotted up to the group heading towards the building, his gun in a ready, but relaxed position, as he took flank, as usual.

S202A tensed as he seemed to detect something, he raised his rifle slowly, a thin red targeting laser coming from his goggles, the beam no thinner than a wire. Suddenly shots rang out and a man in the group fell.

Brieders seemed to come cralling out of the woodworks, firing at the group, some were even weaponless, but that didn't stop them from charging forward and getting upclose and personal.

S202A opened fire, one shot more than capable of killing a Brieder on strike. His weapon was slow firing when it came to his canister rounds, but it was more than sufficient for killing the Brieders, which was all that mattered.

A Brieder came careening towards him, his clip was empty, and he didn't have time to reload, reaching back, he pulled out a fairly large combat knife, bringing it across the Brieder's neck, the Brieder screamed as it dropped to the ground, blood spraying.

S202A put his rifle on is back, putting his knife away, he pulled out his sidearm, a raptor magnum, opening fire with it in rapid succesion. He wondered when the lieutenant would order them to get moving, they couldn't hold out forever against these Brieders.

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