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For a moment, Raquel watched as the stranger departed. Then, she turned to the Doctor and remarked coldly, "If you want to be inconspicuous, you'd better get back inside that little box of yours and wait this out..."

The Doctor scowled at her. "Nah, where'd the fun in that be?"

Raquel rolled her eyes. "You have an incredibly odd sense of 'fun'," she said. "You're half-collapsing every ten paces and you say it's 'fun'." She arched an eyebrow curiously. "Any other oddities about you I ought to keep my eyes open for?"

"That's the thing!" said the man, positively beaming. "I don't know! I literally have no idea who I am, or what I'm like!"

"Fantastic," Raquel muttered. "Positively fantastic." With an almost mocking smile, she held out her hand, "Want to go try and figure it out over a drink or something to eat?"

The man seemed to take great entertainment in her words. "Fantastic!" he said. "Fan-taz-tix. Fan-tas-teek!"

"Oh, just come on," Raquel growled, reaching out and pulling him along toward the cantina she'd just recently left. As she entered, she found herself confronted by the human and his two Rodian thugs that she'd turned down earlier.

"Going somewhere?" the Human sneered. Then, he saw the Doctor. "And who's this? You need hired muscle?"

The Doctor laughed again. "Muscle?" he asked, pulling up the arm of his new/old jacket. "You won't find any here. Not this time!"

"He's no one," Raquel answered quickly. "And if you're looking for muscle, you'd best be leaving before it finds you in the form of me!"

The Human laughed and reached forward to grab her. With a quick twist, she swung around, her right leg knocking the Human's neck, and propelling him to the ground.

"Warned you," she said softly. "Now get out."

Frantically, the Human and his thugs departed. Raquel directed the Doctor to a small, corner table.

The Doctor shook his head. "All you humans are the same..." he muttered sadly. "All kicks, and punches, and fighting..."

Raquel glared at him, but said nothing. The Doctor looked around the room excitedly for a moment, then closed his eyes and grimaced as a stabbing pain seared at his temples again. "Way did you say your name was?" he asked, trying to distract her.

"I didn't," Raquel answered sharply. Then, she sighed, knowing it wouldn't take him long to ask her for it. "Raquel Annerire."

The man beamed again, reaching out to shake her hand. "Nice to meet you, Raquel Annerire. I'm the Doctor."

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