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Well, I can agree, El Virus.
There's a resemblance between Byron and Salvador.
Makes me think about why I exaggerate so much their traits. I guess it's good to explicit their personalities through their appearance on a first sight.

So Manny can say random poem lines but the same ones that Olivia says, right VampireNaomi?
Refresh my memory because I really can't remember. My confusion was because of that scene in wich Manny asks for an opinion to the anarchists about his poem.
Then HIS poem wouldn't be HIS but HERS, wouldn't it?

Also, there's a good line-up from the anarchists on the PC Gamer scans at DOD site.
The thing is - and that's why of my request - I can't tell one from another.
Who's Slisko, who's Gunnar and who's Alexi?

Anyway, Eva with a mirror at her back:

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