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She shot forward, catching him as he collapsed. He was really hurt - the terrible pain echoed across the Force, her own body aching with his.

"Atton, quickly." she said, pulling Revan to his feet and slinging his arm over her shoulders, "Please, help me. We need to get him to the medlab."


Atton frowned faintly at the invisible connection that Kira and the newcomer shared. What had she called him? Revan?? That wasn't possible. Revan was supposed to be beyond the Outer Rim, battling for his 'redemption' in the Unknown Region.

The look that he saw in the blue eyes of the Jedi Exile only deepened his frown, knowing the thrill that currently ran through her body. There were times when she looked at him like that - and he knew what she was thinking, had a very good guess as to what she was feeling. And he didn't like it.

As she called for his help, he grudgingly moved down the loading ramp to help her.

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