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o0 ... wow ...

The Way We Were, short stories of Milla and Sasha as rookie agents, back when they hated each other.

Scouting, is my interpretation of who I think may have been the man that gave Raz the True Psychic Tales comic.
It's Truman Zanotto!

I have new stories I'm planning to write:

1. Breaking Fanon> after reading an utterly forrid fanfic, the Pnauts abduct a Mary Suethor and show her how to write a good fanfiction. I'm very excited about this one, basically, this young girl is quite the fan, and everything she churns out is nothing short of fluffy wish-fulfillment. She finds herself taken by the Psychonauts, who are hell bent on improving her writing and their rep. By entering her mind, they show her why it is that her writing suxorz, and show her how to improve. And not just things like grammer and being descriptive, but how to utilize fanon and when to not use it and etc etc etc. Aside from being an obvious parody, I hope to actually teach poeple something.

2. Surviving the Workweek> follows Raz's admitedly idiotic missions, starting Monday and ending Sunday.
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