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And nine weeks later I actually update. Oh man.

I'm really sorry this took so long, guys. It's been one of the chapters I've been dying to write...but when I got to it I couldn't seem to write it. It...wasn't much fun. Hopefully actually updating will get me into the swing of things again.

On the bright side, though it took me forever, I do really like this chapter. It addresses a lot of things that should have been hit ages ago, and although I'm worried it might repeat itself here and there, overall I like it. I just hope it's not too angsty or sappy...if it is, tell me, okay?

Erm...yeah, I'm too tired to say much more. Just read and please review, alright?

Chapter seventeen is up.

“Raz,” Oleander groaned. “How many times do I have to tell you? You don't have to sneak in here past security every time you come anymore! You can just come in through the gate! You know, like everyone else?”

“Oh, I know. I just like this way better.”

--Cursum Perficio, chapter two, by Digitaldreamer.
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