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Originally Posted by Gargoyle_King
Yes they are, but you can't deny that the DOOM series has had a lasting legacy on the gaming industry, as DOOM lead to QUAKE which is now one of the biggest names in the FPS gaming world with the release of the impressive QUAKE 4 - still you can't use lightsabers in this which is always fun! Out of the JK series, my fav. is definately Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast.
Quake 4 was actualy a very good game. Because it utilised the Doom3 engine so well. Plus the story of your character playing as a marine who was in an asylum was also very good.

Anyway Doom 3 was also a good game. But the original doom games really did it for me. But DF1 and 2 actualy had a STORY. So that is what I would have to settle with
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