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I find it hard to believe that the canon of what happened in the other games, which at some points were largely based off of gender (the reasons why each character did each thing, the NPCs in your party, etc.), wouldn't play a large role in K3. Each action that both Revan and the Exile took were crucial to the Republic, as stated by Kreia and G0-T0, and proven by the plot itself. Since some of these actions were gender-defined, and light side/dark side defined, the developers have to assume that one side or the other is what actually happened.

For example, the Exile could have left Malachor, or stayed there. Also, the Ebon Hawk could have been destroyed, or survived the events. Unless K2 is pointless in the series, these must be addressed.

It is possible that, if you say in conversation that the Exile was male, then one of the characters is Brianna. It is also possible that conversation choices determine the attributes and charactaristics of each NPC, and who the enemy is. But then, what becomes the canon version of K3?

Even if the player is allowed to choose the gender and LS/DS of the characters of KotOR 1 and 2, I still doubt that the game developers would have one of the main DS characters, and the PC's enemy, depend on these choices. It would just be extra work to program, and unnecessary when the plot could have a character that was the same no matter who the PC was be this betrayer (metephorically "Darth Traya").

If for no other reason, then at least so that the article on this character doesn't need a discussion page on the complexities of canon disputes.

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