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Republic: Yoda. He is a small target and is quick with the saber.

CIS: Maul. He is extremely quick and agile when I use him, and I've taken out entire hoards of enemies with him.

Rebels: Yoda. Of course. Also Luke. I just don't like the other heroes, especially Han or Leia. I think the Alliance has the worst hero selection out of them all.

Empire: Boba Fett. My favorite hero out of them all. I love that he has a rocket, a detpack, and a flamethrower along with a good rifle. I love flying over an enemy vehicle or even the crow's nest-looking towers on Yavin and dropping a detpack, flying away really quick, and blowing it to hell. And if the enemy is unfortunate enough to survive the detpack, I launch a rocket right at 'em. Usually I finish many enemy vehicles after doing this twice, and the Yavin towers go bye-bye after one detpack placed right inside it.

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