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I'm starting this again, also Flamehart is in command of this as well so anything you want to ask can be asked to me or him.

Rules: You know them, no godmodding……

Note: You can contribute to make the story more interesting, this is not following the EU material, it's for our imagination ok?, If you have any ideas post them and we will create a more interesting story.

Character Creation:
You can be any Jedi from the following or just create your own.
(Luke, Kyle Katarn, Leia (as a Jedi), Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo, Ben Skywalker and Jaden Korr)
But before you become them you must have an NPC (Non playable character) of your creation.

Character Sheet
Star Wars Universe Character:

Here’s mine...
Character Sheet
Star Wars Universe character:
Name: Mara Jade Skywalker
Name: Lyla Zaekis
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin, beautiful body and features.
Homeworld: Naboo
Rank: Jedi Knight
Equipment: Has two silver bladed lightsabers, wears a white jedi robe, white top and white skirt.
Bio: Lyle was found in Naboo while Luke searched for a trace of his mother’s family, and she was trained by Luke and Kyle on the Yavin IV academy, she excelled in her training and got perfect marks on her trials, she is Luke’s favorite student and the most popular girl in the Academy.


Reports from Serenno have indicated the unusual presence of force wielders dressed in black going in and out of an ancient Jedi Enclave, reports say as well that these force users are not kind to people and attack in cold blood, there is also intelligence that notes that these men use Lightsabers with an unusual and never seen lightsaber blade, the color of this blade is a black. Master Skywalker has promised an investigation and requests the presence of all Jedi knights in the great room.

After checking this message on her Datapad Lyla got to the great room where all the Jedi were, there weren’t too many only a couple of dozens sitting on the floor looking up to Luke Skywalker who stood high addressing all of them.
Kyle Katarn welcomed Lyla and told her to get up to where Luke was and sit next to Mara Jade, Luke’s wife.
- “You better get ready Lyla” – Mara said.
- “Why?” – Lyla asked.
- “He’s gonna make you run this one” – Mara said.
- “Me? What about Ben, the Solo twins or Anakin for that matter?” – Lyla asked.
- “Ben is with Anakin looking into the restoration of a temple in Bogden, Jacen and Jaina are looking out for the crystal mine we found on the moons of Iego” – Mara replied.
- “And Jaden?” – Lyla asked.
- “Jaden has a classified mission with the republic I can’t say, but Rosh went as well, so neither are available” – Mara said.
- “But I’ve never been out on a mission on my own, this will be my first and it’s a big one” – Lyla said.
- “Well you’ll have to get used to it, Luke is convinced that you can do this, he has great faith in you and besides I think Kyle and Luke are going to escort you and your team” – Mara said,
- “Oh well, ok, but what about my team?” – Lyla said.
- “They will volunteer, they will come to you and you’ll report to me or Luke about who you are taking” – Mara said.
- “Ok” – Lyla said.

Luke was still talking to the other Jedi and then he sent them off only Luke and Lyla stayed behind, Mara and Kyle left the room.

- “I can sense your nervousness Lyla, don’t worry you’ll be fine, besides I’ll keep my eye on you while you’re there and so is Kyle, if things get rough, Ben and Anakin will be on their way, so don’t worry a lot of people are backing you up” – Luke said.
- “Thank you Master...I won’t let you down” – Lyla said and she left the room to go to the practice room were she sat on a bench watching padawans practicing with their sabers all around her.

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