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((In the future, all "OCC" will be made by placing double parenthesis like so: ((OCC:insert question or coment here)) also to our comments Quist: Well yes, but for the most part we referred to NPC also as the character only you can use and nobody else. We sometimes refer the second character as an NPC, he's around and nobody else can control it but it's creator you can choose to either have an original character only or an existing charater and an original))

Lyla grinned at Strider and looked around.

- "You have nothing better to do huh Strider?" - Lyla said and chuckled - "Don't worry, I appreciate your help, this will be my first big mission to lead. I'm nervous, I can do stuff on my own but now I have to look out for the well being of others as well, and I don't want to mess up".

She began playing with a bracelet she had on her left wrist and then looked at Strider.

- "How were the Jedi in the old days Strider?" - Lyla asked and then looked at her bracelet again - "Are we much different from them?".

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