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Raquel frowned, nodded, and looked as if she would say nothing, but then she abruptly opened her mouth and said, "Umm, yeah... exactly how does that work?"

The Doctor shook his head. "You wouldn't understand the biology behind it," he said simply. "It's an ability my people have. When we're close to death, or our body is damaged beyond healing, we regenerate. Our body is revitalized - every particle of DNA is broken down and rebuilt from scratch."

Raquel considered this for a moment and then her frown deepened. "Completely rebuilt?" she asked, sounding a little startled. "As in, nothing the same? Like you look different too?"

He nodded. "Look, sound, smell, probably taste - though I wouldn't want to find out, personally."

Raquel shook her head and muttered something unintelligible. Then, she looked over at the Doctor. "So what's next?" she asked. "By all appearances, you crash land on Nar Shaddaa, babbling about a war. No one here is going to believe you, you know, especially not if you start yapping about... regeneration." She frowned. "So what's next for you?"

He shrugged. "Dunno. Probably just wander about here for a while, then shove off somewhere else."

Raquel flinched almost imperceptably. "What, all on your own?"

The Doctor shrugged. "Why not? Nobody else left anyway. Mind you..." he looked at her with curiousity. "Raquel Annerire... Why does that name sound so familiar? You're not famous for anything, are you?"

"Only to a little, barely civilized planet in the Outer Rim," Raquel answered, blushing ever so slightly. "Made a dying woman vanish from her hospital room, and no trace of a body or anything was ever found afterward." She smiled faintly, remembering. "They called me the Angel of Death..." Frowning sharply, she added, "It's been true enough on occasion... though not that particular time..."

He eyed her curiously for a moment, as if about to say something, but seemed to think better of it, and shrugged. "Must just be me then," he said. "Hard to keep names straight when you've got as many as me up here," he continued, tapping his temple. As they walked, Raquel suddenly reached over, stopping the Doctor where he stood.

"Hold on," she said, frowning thoughtfully. "I know that ship." She gestured to a ship landed nearby.

The Doctor leaned forward slightly, eyeing the ship himself. His face split into a wide grin. "Yes, you certainly do. That's the Ebon Hawk. Revan's ship. Or rather, Kira Starr's ship, by this point in history. Always wanted to meet her."

Raquel shot an odd look in his direction and shrugged. "Seen her in passing once or twice," she said. With a frown, she demanded, "You're not just going to barge in and introduce yourself... are you?"

He looked down at her, still grinning broadly. "S'pose I do?"

Raquel glared at him. "You'd better not!"

He turned away, ducked around her arm, and moved towards the ship, giving her a look over his shoulder. "Watch me," he said. He jogged up the docking ramp, stopping at the top. He rapped sharply on the inner hull, sticking his head into the corridor inside."

In an instant, Raquel was right behind him, demanding angrily, "What the hell are you doing?"

The Doctor grinned back at her. "You dared. I'm introducing myself!" Into the ship, he called, "Anyone home?"

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