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OOC: Okay first post in here.


After getting breifed on the current threat Horus was suddenly excited. He hadnt been out of the academy for a few weeks and this mission was going to have much excitement. However he quickly scolded himself. Excitment led to nervousness and he didnt want to have to many emotions that led to the darkside. So he centered himself and felt calm. But then he heared master Luke say to ask a fellow Jedi knight Lyla Zaekis if they wished to volunteer on the mission. Horus just like practicly all the other high ranking jedi in the order knew who Lyla was.


Soon Horus found himself close to the practice room. He noticed Kyle Katarn and Luke Skywalker walking out of the door. He quickly walked into the practice room. He quickly remembered vague memories of himself in this very room. But quickly shrugged it off and walked past all the Padawans. Since Horus wasnt the most well known jedi he was barely recognised by them.

He quickly walked up towards Lyla and the ancient master Strider Flameheart. Who Horus didnt know much about. He soon formerly introduced himself

"Lyla I am Horus Draco. I wish to volunteer for the mission to Serenno"
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