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A small, single-man fighter dropped out of hyperspace over Yavin IV and quickly swept down into the moon's atmosphere, angling toward the hangars of the Academy. Moments later, after some post-flight checks for hull stability and proper functionality, Leilani Var used the Force to snap the cockpit bubble out of place, breaking its seal and causing still one more thing she'd have to repair later.

The little fighter was modeled somewhat after Reibe's and Leilani had constructed it on her own. A few of the students who had seen the fighter and its owner speculated that the ship had been the product of a highly intense meditation session, much like her lightsaber was rumored to be. However, the lightsaber was by far the more stable of the two... which became obvious as Leilani stepped out onto the wing and the landing gear gave way, sending the young woman tumbling to the floor with a startled yelp.

"Guess you still need some work," she told the fighter, picking herself up and shaking her cloak slightly to release some dust. With a shrug, she entered the Academy in search of Strider. She'd been gone for three weeks and it was time to learn if Reibe had sent any word of her status.

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