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Lyla looked at Horus and smiled.

- "Of course you can join us Horus, we need good an able hands on this matter" - Lyla answered. As Leilani arrived she knew she sought a word with Strider so she decided to leave the two alone.

- "I take my leave Strider, seems somebody needs to talk to you" - Lyla said and went to her quarters.


A dark figure surrounded by a dark aura sat in the middle of a stone floor riddled with ancient symbols and markings. The walls bore ancient Sith pictures and around the stone floor were sculptures of ancient sith lords.

A hooded woman followed by two other men entered the room and bowed.

- "It is almost time" - the man sitting in the middle of the stone floor spoke with a deep and calm voice, a mask covered his face but his grey eyes were visible.

- "Yes master, Freedon Nadd's cells were particularly difficult to come about since the tomb was opened all those years ago, even his short saber was missing. But the room you told us about has been found, the jedi tried to seal it away but thanks to the dark side aura of this place, it was preserved" - the hooded woman said soundng very pleased.

The masked man stood up and turned to face the woman.

- "Did you recover the vials I asked you to recover?" - the masked man inquired and the woman held out her hand to give her two vials of blood perfectly preserved.

The masked man took them in his hands and examined them. He held out his hand and suddenly lifted the vials and suspended them in the air with the force, then he threw a small spark of lighting at them and both vials produced electric ray of two different colors, blue and yellow. The Masked man chuckled for a moment and put his hand on the woman's shoulder.

- "Good job Tavion, good job. The time for your vengeance is near, Marka Ragnos restored your life after you made the bargain with him, I will help you get free of that bargain as long as you continue to swear your loyalty to me" - the masked man said and Tavion kneeled before him.

- "Let the reconstruction process begin, we have many people to bring back and too little time" - the masked man said.

- "But Lord Morbi÷us, don't you think Kai Even and Strider Flamehart will feel something is wrong?" - Tavion asked.

- "Juhn-Kai Even has not shown himself to the republic since even before the clone wars, he fought everysingle war for 25,000 years and he did not help the republic this last time, but even if he does reappear, we have an old score to settle. Together he and Flamehart can pose a problem, but if they do decide to join forces, both will be destroyed" - Morbi÷us said and went back to sit on the ground and meditate.

- "We will commence the molecular reconstruction immediately Master" - Tavion said.

- "Yes and come to me when the spiritual calling needs to be done" - Morbi÷us said.

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