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Name: Emukiel Al-Saefar
Age: 7100+
Gender: Male
Species: Weequay
Appearance: A more wrinkled person than the average Weequay with a full botch of hair on his head noting that he has been absent of his homeworld for many ages. As well as those destinguishing notes, he also has blue eyes, a very straight posture despite his age as well as very strangely styled Jedi robes, reminiscent of the old days of the Old Order.
Homeworld: Sriluur
Rank: Jedi Lord(former), Jedi Grand Master(former), Jedi Master
Equipment: An archaic-styled lightsaber with a green blade, robes similiar to those Masters wore during the Hundred Year Darkness as well as numerous other Jedi gadgets.
Bio: A very old fellow he is indeed. He fought in the Hundred Year Darkness as a master and as a master of his own style of Vaapad, similiar to that of Windu in the later years. At the end of the conflict, he began great studies into the nature of the Force and on how it could be used for prolonging life to it's maximum, which he eventually learned after twenty years of very deep meditations. As he continued to grow older, the councils changed and Jedi died in several conflicts to follow, yet he remained seated on the Council. Eventually this was noticed and he was honored as he rose to become the Grand Master of the Old Jedi Order. Dates are vague when speaking of his past, but he did lead the Order for several decades before resigning and handing over the job to someone else. He found himself to be a reliable advisor to the Council when in trouble and need until the Darkness rose again in the Galaxy. He disappeared for the time Palpatine ruled. Most information of the great Jedi Lord and Veteran of several wars were destroyed along with other legends. Legend indeed. Not even Palpatine knew of his excistance until he finally revealed himself as a force projection to the Dark Lord onboard the Second Death Star merely an hour before the Skywalkers stepped into the chamber and began a fight which would utimately lead to Palpatine's demise. His interest in Skywalker grew as he followed his advancement in the Force, having many discussions with the force ghosts of Yoda and Obi-Wan about him before deciding it was time the young Grand Master of the New Jedi Order was ready to meet one of the oldest branch of the Jedi Order. Since then he has renounced his title as a Jedi Lord and has started to train the Padawan learners in much the same way as Yoda did before the collapse of the Old Order

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Emukiel was in deep meditation once again as he reached in to observe the great mystery revealing itself on Sorenno. The young learners looked at him expectantly as their class had ended several minutes ago and each second took away some of their free time of mingling with each others. When finally someone did something, it was a young rascal that had had confrontations with the Weequay master before. He now levitated the master's lightsaber from his belt, on top of his head and then dropped it. The clank of metal sounded as the lightsaber bounced from Emukiel's head and onto the floor, effectively waking up the Weequay of his meditation.

"Padawan Alexander, have I not told you to leave my lightsaber alone?" he asked, furious before looking at the clock and sighing. With a wave of his han, he dismissed the youngsters that ran off to mingle with their friends. Emukiel slowly rose up with the aid of his cane and picked the lightsaber up. After clipping it onto his belt, he turned and took a step forwards only to find a young Twi'lek girl standing there. One from his class too.

"Hello, Master Saffy" she said and smiled the cutest smile she ever could.
"'Saffy'? That's what they call me nowadays then? Last year it was 'Alsie'" Emukiel noted and then leaned down to see the girl more closely.
"So, what is it then, youngling?" he asked and the girl shifted rather anctiously before speaking.
"I was wondering if you could tell us a story of the Old Jedi Order on the next class" she finally said and recieved a kind chuckle from the old and worn down man.
"We'll see. Now go with your friends" he said before the girl ran off and he proceeded towards the hallway, only to bump into a fellow Jedi.

As he noticed it was Lyla, he chuckled again.
"Have you heard they're calling me 'Saffy' now?" he asked from her and chuckled again to himself. It was always great to hear the new twists the younglings got from his name.

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