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- "Yet another nickname I see" - Lyla said and chuckled - "What was it last time Master? Alsie? I believe that was it?".

Lyla then looked at Master Emukiel, he was well respected and loved by the Jedi in the new order as he was a kind man but also a powerful and commanding Jedi Master.

- "You heard that Master Skywalker is sending me to Serenno along with an investigation force?" - Lyla asked.

Morbi÷us opened his eyes one more time and through levitation he turned to face Orpheus.

- "Several of these statues are wrong, Marka Ragnos wasn't as perfect as he is protrayed, he was always a fool. But as commited as he was to the Sith, the very nature of them all is betrayal and deception. All these statues are images of their egos, not of their true selves" - Morbi÷us said and stood up again using levitation.

- "I find it amusing that you ask how you can help, no Sith or Jedi had ever wanted to help the Seren Brotherhood, even after we separated from the Jedi at the begining of the Order" - Morbi÷us said and looked at Orpheus - "Yes, I was around when it all happened I watched as the very first of the Jedi went rogue and proclaimed himself as Dark Jedi, I witnessed the rise of the Sith, the fall of Marka Ragnos, the death of Freedon Nadd, the defeat of Exar Kun. The disapearence of Revan and the Rise of Sidious. I've been around enough to take into account everysingle event in history. You must ask yourself at this point why I have not answered your question? It is simple, I will now pose a question for you. What do you think you could do to help me?" - Morbi÷us asked and began to pace around.

- "The operation for the revival is now underway, we will soon revive the very first of the Dark Jedi, the one who started the cult and the first Great Schism. General Xendor and Arden Lyn will be brought back from the grave" - Morbi÷us said and then thought a bit for a moment, the conflict in Serenno would be a perfect place to start revealing the plot.

- "I think you've heard of our little operation on Serenno, our forces are now retrieving a small artifact containing samples of DNA from both Count Dooku and Palpatine, I need someone able to retrieve them for us. We will have a grand celebration when our Sith brothers are brought back to life and we will watch as the Republic crumbles. Once they have lost everything, the Jedi and the Sith will be erradicated and only the Seren Brotherhood will provide peace and justice as it was foretold in the ancient prophecies of our cult. Balance shall rule the galaxy and under this banner no one will ever dare opose us, no longer will the force be two sided, it will be one single side with all of it's nature revealed. The self rightousness of the Jedi and the selfishness of the Sith will be their downfall, nothing is absolute, there is no black and white, only shades of gray, only balance" - Morbi÷us said.

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