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Horus stopped meditating. He just couldnt clear his mind for some reason. He got up and took his lightsaber. Then went to his desk. It had drawers but very small ones. Soon he opened one of them and looked inside. There was a DL-44 blaster pistol he used before he became a guardian. He quickly took it and some blaster packs. Soon he quickly stuffed it inside his robes inner pocket.

"Okay im ready now"

Horus was one not to pack to much. In battle you cant have a large amount of weight on you.

Horus left his room. He quickly started walking through the many halls of the jedi academy. He noticed the many masters and padawan's everywhere.

Soon Horus felt a large amount of impatience. He wanted to start this mission now. But shrugged it off as he walked to the dueling room.

There were padawans and other knights there. Many of the masters were meditating around the area. Soon another Jedi knight went towards the middle of the room.

"Is there anyone else who wants a duel"

Horus recognized him as another Knight. He had clearly beaten every other jedi in the room.

Horus walked to the middle of the room. He plainly stated

"Okay I will."

Then he ignited his lightsaber
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