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Lyla grinned at Emukiel.

- "Not a single detail escapes you Master Eki" - Lyla said remembering yet another of his nicknames - "Yes, Strider's bored again. I guess the recent innaction has caused him to finally divert his attention to anything that can potentially keep him busy. He's going with us to Serenno. Which reminds me, if you are going too, we have to meet in 2 hours so everybody can gather their stuff and be ready. I'll meet you at the docking bay Eki, I have to go find Horus, I'll see you in a bit".

Lyla then walked away and went into the dueling room where Horus had finished sparring with another Jedi, she then walked up to him.

- "We are leaving soon Horus, in two hours I need you at the docking bay, gather your stuff" - Lyla said and then noticed the bulk on his back and the ammo on his belt.

- "A pistol? How uncivilized of you" - Lyla said with a grin and a wink and then left the room.

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