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Emukiel gave a slight chuckle at Strider's comment on being young.
"When seven thousand years old you reach, look as good, you will not" he said and gave a very Yoda-ish laughter.
"I miss that old bugger" the Jedi then noted and smiled quite warmly at nobody in particular. Yoda had been a good friend and they could speak of the younger generations for hours at a time before stopping to take a break and flex their old joints.

"The Ragnarok, I presume. And for what my experience tells me, it doesn't need prepping" Emukiel said to Horus' question before Strider could answer. The Weequay had stood there for now twenty minutes in the exactly same position, his legs spread out slightly and his cane in the middle to support him from tipping over while his eyes were closed. There was a large astromech next to him. A very ancient yet well updated T3-series droid to be exact. The droid rotated it's head to look around before beeping a few times and dropping it's owner's baggage on the floor. It wasn't much of a baggage really. Just a small bag that had some essentials in it as what Emukiel had learned in his long travels is to always be prepared and to trust nothing anywhere. The weequay merely grumbled at the sound of his bag being dropped,even if he didn't make a move to punish the droid. The Jedi merely stood there, his eyes closed and concentrating on seeking longevity in the Force once again. He needed roughtly half an hour per day of pure meditation to keep the Force from not giving up on his body and so causing it to crumble into a pile of ash or something similiar.

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