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((Hehe. Welcome to the world of Star Wars Roleplaying sub-forum. The Ragnarok looks something like this, if I remember correctly))

"Calm down, young one. We are still missing one" Emukiel told him and looked around the hangar, indeed missing Ragnarok. The Jedi glanced at Strider before smirking.
"You left the cloaking device on again, didn't you? Anyways, if I remember where Strider usually parks it, it should be over there" he said and pointed his cane towards an empty spot between an academy ship and Skywalker's ship.
"And about the stories, we'll see..."

After that he straightened himself up properly, stepped so his heels touched each others and swung his cane at the droid's head. The droid beeped, picked up the bag and then whistled, annoyed by the hit it got from the cane. Normally the temperamental droid would've thrown the bag away and started to bump against the Weequay's leg annoyingly, but taking that they were leaving for the first time in months, the droid decided better not ot it might be forced to stay in the moist and cruddy place it so hated with it's every servo and weld.

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