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Edit tk102: As a follow up to the previous post, I've appended another of stoffe's posts from this thread to describe an example appearance.2da editing scenario...
Originally Posted by Arnkell
On another note (seeing as it's probably an editing-matter too), I've noticed that in Kotor 1, unlike TSL, the different player classes have different body lengths, with male soldier being the tallest and female scoundrel the petitest. Is there any way to switch different lengths for different classes? Say, getting a female soldier but with the body of a scoundrel? (wait, that didn't come out right...)
You can flip the body models used in the appearance.2da file for the player appearance type you use. Those lines have labels like for example P_FEM_B_SML_02, where:

P_ = Player model
FEM_ = Female (or MAL_ = Male)
B_ = Black (or C_ = white, A_ = asian)
SML_ = Scoundrel (or MED_ = Scout, LRG_ = Soldier)
02 = Sequence number

Normally each selectable head/appearance has three lines here, one for each class (SML/MED/LRG).

For those lines look in the modela --> modelj columns for the name of the body models, and texa --> texj columns for the base name of the corresponding textures (without the TextureVariation number at the end).

The last letter of those column labels correspond to:
A = underwear
B = plain clothes
C = Light armor
D = Light armor variant 2
E = Medium armor
F = Medium armor variant 2
G = Heavy armor
H = Heavy armor variant 2
I = Jedi Robes
J = Revan/Starforge robes

So, for example if you wish to edit the second black female to switch the body size of the scoundrel and soldier you'd look for lines with labels P_FEM_B_SML_02 (row 109) P_FEM_B_LRG_02 (row 111) in appearance.2da. Then switch the content of the above mentioned columns between those lines.

Line 109, column modela: PFBAS --> PFBAL
Line 111, column modela: PFBAL --> PFBAS
Line 109, column texa: PFBASB --> PFBALB
Line 111, column texa: PFBALB --> PFBASB
Line 109, column texaevil: PFBASD --> PFBALD
Line 111, column texaevil: PFBALD --> PFBASD

...etc for the rest of the columns.


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