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Hierarchy Defiler

Name: Defiler
Faction: Hierarchy

Purpose: Area-Denial Unit and Meta-Artillery
Speed: Medium
Armor: Medium
Unit Class: Inorganic
Vision: Medium
Targeting: Direct

Concept Art
Reconnaissance Photo
Defiler Render

Word from the front lines:
"A slathering, gooey form encased in a bath of radiation, the Defiler has something living in it, but as to just what that is, it's not entirely clear. The defiler speaks in gurgles and barely audible words as it goes about its task of corrupting and mutating."

Radiation Bleeder (Passive): The defiler bleeds radiation as it moves. The longer it stays still, the larger the radiation area becomes around it, up to a moderate size. Radiation bleeding only works while the unit is in bleed mode (default).

Radiation beam (Default, vs. ground): The default weapon does different things to different unit types.

Vs. Infantry: Infantry hit by radiation charge take heavy damage over time. If the targets are killed by the beam, they become mutant slaves, controlled by the Hierarchy player.

Vs. Vehicles: Sprays vehicles with high-intensity toxins. Vehicles get a light DoT effect applied for a long duration that makes them reveal for the Hierarchy player.

Vs. Structures: All structures get a light DoT effect and function at half efficiency for the duration. Production and turret fire rate is slowed. This effect stacks with the Cylinder's effect, completely shutting down the structure if both effects are on it.
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