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Originally Posted by elTee
These are excellent images! Well done. I'm going to look into sorting out the perpetual limbo that LucasCovers has fallen into next week, so hopefully a decent library of the DVD covers and box scans can be amassed. Thanks for uploading these
That would be handy, I visited LucasCovers only to find it wasting webspace! I can also contribute the MI1 CD Big-Box scans to Thanks for the compliment, the MI2 box took a lot of work (imagine starting with the Kixx box art in 1200dpi, then adding the original label at 1200dpi to blend just the bottom par of the image, and THEN you have all this side stuff to re-draw:

To make it look more natural I replaced all the sky from the LEC-label part with the Kixx sky. This is the resolution I was working in:

You should be able to tell I used some of the scan from the LEC box there (but all the sky is cloned from the Kixx box). Still, I did this a long time ago now.

Sadly the same process would not have worked for the MI1 box, however now that I consider I scanned the CD-rom box I may be able to fix it up in 1200 DPI better then my original! is offline   you may: quote & reply,