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This thread is so old now, and the content in it is so spread out, that I'm thinking we might be better off starting a new thread soon. I have (seriously, ridiculous amounts of) work to do but by the 24th of May I'll be getting some free time, so that's when I'll sort this out.

Until then you guys should discuss and come up guidelines for images. Desired resolution (I'm not an image techie, by resolution I mean dimensions - 5000x3000 pixels etc.) and DPI for box art scans suitable for LARGE POSTER PRINTING. Then we can set up a project where we paint over the covered sections of box-art and get clean, super-hi-res images for all 14 games.

The second stage would be to set up similar guidelines for DVD cases, and even art for the discs themselves. Obviously this would be a lower-res than poster printing because a DVD case is so much smaller - but we would still need the optimum resolution for clear printing. Also for DVD cases the BACK of the boxes would need to be scanned as well.

LucasForums can provide text files containing the 'blurb' from the back of each box, in case a designer wishes to eschew the original design for one of their own.

So to recap: we need a list of guidelines! LucasCovers will be set up something like this:

Files for designers:
- 'Clean Box Art' Project
- Section of finished clean box art image files at POSTER RESOLUTION
- Selection of finished clean box art image files at DVD CASE RESOLUTION
- Selection of scanned CD-Roms / Manuals etc. at an appropriate resolution for printing (whatever you feel people might like to include for their 'final sets'.)

Files by designers:
- User-created DVD CASES + any additional extras, such as DVD slip inserts or CD designs
- User-created POSTERS of the games, if applicable.

And to re-iterate, we should aim for a standard here - each file (from each category) should be the same resolution and file format (multiple formats can be available.)

So figure it out, please

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