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Originally Posted by
The artwork is the same quality, it's just a higher quality on the Kixx box.
Was that referring to me saying
although the artwork isn't as detailed as the one Steve did for MI2

In that case it must be a coincidence that you're name is Steve as well. I was actually talking about Steve Purcel, who did the two MI-artworks... and he painted a lot more detail into the MI2 artwork then he did with MI1.

By the way, I wouldn't recommend using Median to reduce noise and screen-artifacts, because it kills too much detail in the image. Instead I'd use a plugin like NeatImage, which keeps a lot of the detail, and even preserves most ofthe fine brush-strokes in the image. Here are some comparisons (excuse the slight color difference... I've auto-leveled them separately):

(Notice the detail in Guybrush's hair and the blade)

(Compare the monkey's face and mouth, as well as the cannibals masks and skirts )

(See the brush strokes on the skull and the detail on the ship and the water)

(See the monkey's fur, the skull's jaw and teeths and the faces)

The plugin generates a few artifacts where it can't recognize the flow of the lines, alhough I think these support the "painted" look of the image. When scaled up, and some added effects like brush strokes and texture, this might work as a poster I guess.

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