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LOL, I'm not steve - I know you mean Purcell, I was just letting you know that the quality of print on the original box is significantly lower quality then the print that the Kixx release did, and this goes for both MI1 and MI2. I used the Kixx box for the MI2 cover, but I used the original LEC box for the MI1 cover (because I didn't think I could redraw all the missing stuff). I assume you upscaled my down-scaled images. I scanned the boxes at the highest resolution my scanner would do, at those resolutions you could print the box art at about 60 x 75cm at 200dpi. Scans at this resolution are already available, however:

Part of the reason I left "By Ron Gilbert" on the cover (aside from consistency for my DVD-case covers), was the fact that it obscured the blend line between the KIXX cover and the LEC cover underneath it.

If you really want it without anything on it you need to get a print of Purcell's painting:

Maybe you could as Purcell at: PO Box 2615 Petaluma, CA 94953-2615

By the way, Lagomorph01's "poster" is clearly a fake, it's cropped heavily on the top, it's cropped on the bottom, on the left - and even on the right.

The best I have is the page in the LucasArts Archieves manual:


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