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Binoculars - Sam & Max Hit The Road

Seems heaps of people asking but none of the answers or manual helped so I had to work it out for myself. However I've decided to save everybody else the trouble.

This solution may be machine/op system/cd etc specific so here's what I got:

LucasArts Classic CD - Sam & Max Hit The Road
Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop
Windows XP

Here's what the pdf manual supplied on the cd said:

Once you have made sure
that the binoculars are in good
operating condition, look through
them. You will see a needle. When
the needle is at dead center, the
binoculars will stop. You can speed up
or slow down the binoculars by using
the right or left mouse buttons. Click on
the right or left side of the needle to
switch direction.

Unfortunately this doesnt work as it says.

Firstly the mouse buttons dont work as stated and when you first use the binoculars you wont even get a mouse cursor!!!

Secondly there is the not so slight problem of exiting the binocular view without exiting the game entirely. This took me ages to work out and isnt published anywhere I know of (ESC,q, ENTER don't work). Wait for it........

The solution is to exit the binoculars screen you must press the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously!!!!


To activate the speed controls on the binoculars you must connect the sparking wires on the floor to the binoculars. Then click on the binoculars using the "use" hand icon. This activates the binoculars and the mouse cursor but again the manual is wrong when is comes to controlling the speed.

Below the binoculars viewport there is is dial/needle bordered by a semicircle. This is the speed control. To enable the control you must rightclick close to the right of the centre of this semicircle. From then on rightclicks anywhere in the semicircle will move the needle to the right and alternatively leftclicks will move it to the left. I let you figure out the rest.

PS The binoculars need another attachment before they can be truly useful but this is for you (and me as I havent done it yet) to figure out.

Have Fun!!!

The Professor

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