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Originally Posted by Aliies
Perhaps Anakin falls in another fashion, I feel that the movie's ending was a little crappy in that fact.

Try my version, leads to the same ending:

Instead of Mace Windu going to arrest palpatine when he did and Anakin coming to stop him, make it that Palpatine doesn't reveal himself just yet, tells anakin that his scouts have discovered the location of the separatist base (On Mustafar) and orders him to destroy their leadership and execute all of those responsible for the war, Anakin resists but does not disobey a direct order from the Chancellor and goes. Padme grows worried that he's been acting strange lately (With the visions of her death) and discovers him there with Obi-Wan at her side. At this point, after killing the separatist leadership the Darkside begins to influence him and all his doubts of the council, Obi-Wan and their doubts of his friend the Chancellor combine and he force-chokes his wife after accusing Obi-Wan of turning her against him. Afterwards that is when the still-unrevealled Sidious senses the battle and finds Anakin beside the molten river without an arm and legs, burned alover.

After they transform him into the black suit we all know, he pledges his loyalty to Sideous as he finally tells him who he really is, finally ordering Anakin to attack the Jedi Temple and executing Order 66... after that, Mace Windu and the others come to kill Palpatine for the massacre at the Jedi Temple and the Jedi being hunted down, not arresting him as they already see him as far too great a threat. Instead Anakin is the one that fights the Jedi as Sideous battle Mace Windu, giving him the twisted face from his own force-lightning. Anakin kills the other Jedi including my character Kit Fisto then attacks Mace Windu, who I belive should've had a better chance and they fight, not just Anakin somehow catching a Jedi Master off guard and slicing off his hands, though he does kill him in the end.

overall it has the same ending, just a little more intense...
Yes that is more intense. Good idea
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