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Originally Posted by Brighteyes
Actually just completed simon 3 and to get to the bad guys lair you had to get in a delivery crate, your simon then states that this puzzle is an obvious rip off of MI 2. At the end of the game he and a monster you meet in the game start dancng on a black screen to plinky plonky music.
The great thing about this is that the developers are willing to use awesome ideas but advertise the fact they stole them from a game that influenced their game.
I couldn't stand simon 3. The first two gave you a choice of exactly how obnoxious you wanted simon to be (hell, you could, if you wanted to, spend the entire game being downright charitable). but in Simon three, I just really didn't like him as a character at all, he was obnoxious, annoying and selfish which may be appealing to some but just got on my nerves. The controls and loading times also got on my nerves as well as all the running you had to do to get to places and do things. I really only played up until I got across that bridge and then just stopped playing, uninstalled the game and either sold it off or took it back (back in the days when game shops were willing to take back games that people simply didn't want).

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