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How to kill 3 jedi masters as a Trooper w/o dying?

Hey all--

I've been trying to run a single player offline campaign as a single trooper (self imposed rule: no heroes). If I die even once, I have to restart the whole level (second self imposed rule).

I've gotten as far as Coruscant--Jedi Temple, but am having great difficulty with the last objective (killing the 3 Jedi Masters). At best, I've taken down two Masters before being surrounded by 6 or more of the 'renegades'. The Jedi seem to wipe out the troopers fairly quickly. And it only takes one saber throw from a Master to take me down. I typically use the engineer the whole way. Although recently, I tried the standard trooper at the end. It seems to take ma long time to range in with the sniper and I usually get killed by someone else around me.

So, does anyone have any suggestions on how to take out the three Jedi Masters as a trooper without dying once? At this point, assume a basic trooper level (no award weapons).


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